{ Freida + Mendel · Brooklyn Wedding }

A wedding FULL of surprises ... a little rain during portraits, a classic rolls royce pulling up to take Freida to the Chuppah, confetti and shenanigans during dancing, a beautiful jammin' session with Frieda's brothers singing a song they wrote for her & Mendel got to show off his bongo & drumming skills to his new wife <3 

This was a joyful and emotional day for all and I was so honored to be there to photograph itl! A highlight for me was at the end of the wedding when I was packing up my gear Mendel's amazing mom came over to me and told me she was so entertained watching me work and that I really made everything easy on her so everything flowed naturally... makes it all worth it <3 

Take a peek into Freida & Mendel's wedding day story & ENJOY!!

Venue: Oholai Torah

Hair: Salon Leah

Makeup: Sary Farkash

Video: BSDFilms · Detti Siklos

Band: Moshav Band

Dress: Frady Reitzes · Frady's Dressmaking