I’m so excited you reached out about creating an album!!! I know it can seem overwhelming, but I promise I’ll help make it as smooth and easy as possible for you because it is SOOOO worth it to get an album made :)

There are a few ways to go about making this happen…


Choosing An Album *Scroll down for photos*

CHOOSING AN ALBUM: Luxe VS Classic // ALL include 15 spreads ( 30 pages ) which hold between 30 - 90 images depending on layout // Additional spreads can be added $30 for classic, $38 for luxe // Shipping not included // $200 deposit to start the project can be paid through chase quick-pay, cash app or check.

LUXE: Italian Leather // Thicker pages // Handmade // Photo print a bit of a higher quality // A heavier all around more bespoke style album // Debossing

8x8: $820

10x10: $920

12x12: $1,020

Mini 6x6 duplicate album for parents: $350 // Duplicate in 8x8 $500

CLASSIC: Basic Leathers // Sturdy thick pages // Photo + leather or faux leather combo cover

8x8: $620

10x10: $720

12x12: $820

Duplicate for parent albums is 1/2 the price of larger album.


Choosing / Selecting / Sending Favorites


If you can choose favorites and send them to me on dropbox or through we-transfer to chanablumesphoto@gmail.com would be great! Meaning if you have the photos on a USB, plug it into your computer, create a new folder on your computer for favorites and copy or drag in the photos you would like in your album & then email me that folder.


Another option is mailing me your USB and i’ll upload all the photos onto an online gallery and you’ll have 2 weeks to choose favorites, super easy by just “staring” the photos you would like in your album and just let me know you are done & I’ll take it from there & start working on a beautiful draft!

OPTION 3: ** For those with no time or patience :) **

You’ll either dropbox me ALL your photos or mail me your USB and I’ll take it from there, select your favorites and put together a draft for you with the photos I feel would create the most beautiful story :) ** There is an additional fee for the time it’ll take me to go through ALL the images.


Changes / Approving / Selecting

All albums include 2 rounds of changes. Meaning, you will receive your first layout design, it can be perfect and you can right away approve and get the order in right away or you can have up to 2 rounds of changes. You will comment on the spreads with anything you would like changed & I’ll get you the updated version as soon as possible. Through the album software I use it’ll be super easy to put in your comments to make it as easy as possible for you <3

Once album design is approved I’ll send you an email with cover information to choose finishing touch & you will finish album payment and your order will be placed!!!



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